Our Approach

Our Approach

SpringKidz Nursery promotes and adheres to a child-centered individualized approach, so that learning and life exploration takes place at each child’s individual level, with sensitivity and awareness about the child’s needs, strengths and weaknesses.

Integrated with high-quality assessment, professional development, and family connection resources, SpringKidz Nursery has created a well-rounded program that addresses the needs of early childhood education professionals, children, and their families. Our belief is that all children are competent learners, and that each child is unique. Working in line with these beliefs.

Daily activities are documented in communication books for our families to review and respond to. Weekly written communications ensure that families are kept abreast with all learning objectives and outcomes, while daily personal communication at pick-off and drop-off times are encouraged to exchange further details.

We are open from 7.30 am till 6.00 pm Monday to Friday, all year round with an exception for bank holidays and christmas.

We provide full and part time places and can cater for the individual needs of all children.

Our Ethos

To provide nurturing and stimulating surroundings for all children in which they have endless opportunity to grow and be the best they can be.
An environment that provides a home to home feeling with all the benefits of an educational atmosphere.
We believe in operating a transparent nursery, open door policy and value the contribution of parents t help us achieve our ethos

Settling Your Child into Nursery Life

When children start a new setting, it is important for everyone that they are happy and settled. This is because they will be spending a considerable amount of time here and will need to be settled in order for them to develop to their full potential.

Settling in sessions are free of charge to show our commitment as a nursery to make this transition process as easy as possible for both you and your child.  SpringKidz Nursery provides up to 8 hours free settling as part of your registration, this can be changed according to your child’s needs and development stage.

Settling in to a new environment is a very emotional process for all; it can be hard enough for us adults to settle into new environments so you can imagine how difficult it may be for young children. All children are different and therefore have specific requirements, the settling plan we will follow for your child will allow us to assess your child’s needs and development stage, helping us to make their nursery experience a more fulfilling and rewarding time.

Please do remember that settling is essential to help your child make a positive approach into nursery life and we recommend that you make sufficient arrangements to be able to help support your child through this crucial stage.

SpringKidz Nursery is registered with Ofsted. We are inspected by Ofsted to ensure we are complying with all aspects of care and education.

We also liase with the Environmental Health Department and Fire Officers to ensure our premises and facilities are safe and secure.

How we are Checked & Regulated

Key Worker System

Although your child will be cared for by the other members of staff, your child will have a key worker who will be mainly responsible for your child. The key worker’s main responsibilities is to;

  • Build a good partnership with you
  • Ensure that the settling in for your child is a positive experience
  • Plan activities for your child and observe and assess them
  • Spend time with your child, interact with him/her during activities and support him/her
  • Maintain your child’s profile folder, which will consist of information about your childs’ development
  • Meet with you every 3 – 6 months to review your child’s progress and together devise next steps.

At SpringKidz Nursery your child will have a folder which will be updated and worked by your child’s worker. This folder consists of:

  • Your child’s registration details
  • Settling in observations
  • Observations made of your child during nursery
  • work produced by your child while at nursery
  • photographs of your child at nursery

Your Child's Profile Folder